Apr 12

Lisa Rinna does Depend underwear ad for charity

Rinna says her work for the association is all about the check, alright – privately the $225,000 concession to Dress for Success done by Depend upon her behalf, Us Weekly reports

Hamlin – who she's been tied together to for fifteen years– reaches out to do the feel test, which Rinna encourages: "I am wearing an dusk robe for God's sake!" she exclaims. Check out the booty!". "And we can't discuss it we have it on

"I am the hold up for certain self picture for women," the 48-year-old raves on-camera. "The code brand code new conformation creates the lady feel assured as well as it's fashionable. It feels good – as well as they're so soft

She as well as hubby Harry Hamlin shot an ad for the brand's code brand code new "Silhouette for Women" line, in which Lisa wears the form-fitting dusk robe – but so most as the pantyline

Actress as well as former "Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Rinna shows audiences as most in her code brand code new blurb for the adult diaper

The Depend code has the line of hoop skirt which have been assumingly red-carpet ready

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